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  • Black Soy Bean Milk with Job’s Tears

    I usually make black soy milk on its own without adding any other ingredient

  • Cacao nut balls

    I love chocolate, and I'm so satisfied when I can enjoy my cacao nut balls w

  • Homemade chocolate bites

    Who don't love chocolates? I love chocolates especially during my teenage years.

  • Lemongrass mint honey drink

    I've always wanted to try to make my own lemongrass drink when I had lemongr

  • Homemade ice-cream cake

    We just celebrated our daughter's 4th year old birthday. A birthday celebration

  • Simple homemade cacao banana ice-cream

    Cacao banana ice-cream is one of my family's favourite desserts. It takes le

  • No-bake chewy granola bar

    I first saw this no-bake granola bar on my friend's Facebook and I asked her

  • Raw vegetable and fruit juices for you?

    After watching "Forks over knives" and reading books about juicing, J and I are

  • Oatmeal Cake

    I have a lot of carrot pulp when I juiced our fruit and vegetable juices eve

  • Berries Smoothie and Sorbet

    According the an independent study by EWG, strawberries have one of the high

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